Process facility – Helgeland Overflateteknikk AS, Helgelandsbase (Sandnessjøen)

The project consists of a 4-module processing plant for surface treatment of subsea equipment and supply equipment for offshore oil industry.

Spray Booth (module 1);
Bespoke design Semi Downdraft Spray Booth with side mounted ventilation units. The ventilation is equipped with inverters (frequency control) for automatic pressure control and control of the plant capacity. This provides energy-efficient control, reduces mechanical wear and ensures long life of the plant.

• Spray Booth
• Mixing Room
• Storage Room

Washing system with multi-process control of sump (module 2)

• Valve controlled pumping of wastewater to IBC and oil separator
• IBC for receiving waste water eg. acid wash
• Oil separator for receiving ordinary wastewater

Sandblasting facilities (modules 3 and 4)
Ercon / Hogg Blasting & Finishing blast rooms complete with collection and recycling of blast media. The plant is equipped with the latest dust collection and filtering of air, as well as complete operator equipment. The plant is equipped with inverters for maximum energy efficiency and capacity management.

• Blast room for carbon steel
• Blast room for stainless materials
• Pulse-jet dust filters with recycling of air to the main hall, thus saving heating cost

The plant is installed at Helgeland Overflateteknikk AS (formerly CAN Coating), at CCB Helgelandsbase in Sandnessjøen.

Completed in May 2014.

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