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Paintbox Pro AS is a wide range problem solver and solutions provider within the realms of surface finishing, surface protection, and surface cleaning within many industries. E.g. automotive body shops, rail companies, airline industries, heavy industries, food processing, contractors, component manufacturing, mechanical industry, shipyards, etc.. No matter which tasks and challenges you face in your profession, we aim to help you improve on efficiency and cost savings.
We supply an extensive range of equipment and system support solutions, including but not limited to:
  • spray booths
  • mixing rooms
  • preparation zones
  • coating equipment
  • abrasive blasting solutions
  • dry ice blasting solutions
  • dry ice production equipment
  • steam cleaning solutions
  • biochemical enzyme-based cleaning
Problem-solving, equipment delivery, installation, and systems implementations are provided worldwide.


The principle behind our business model is that we combine expertise from a wide range of partners, greatly benefitting our customers. Thus, we assemble our project teams based on project demands, cutting cost to a minimum. Our small staff provides excellent efficiency with low fixed costs, and it benefits our clients in the form of very competitive prices.
Whatever solution, we will meet and exceed your needs and expectations with a constant focus on cost efficiency.
Paintbox Pro is a distributor and solutions expert on state of the art spray booths and related facilities types, such as sanding floors, suction walls, ventilation, preparation zones, etc.
For surface finishing in automotive and other industries, we list combined booths (spray and dry), washing booths, drying booths, abrasive and non-abrasive blasting plants and facilities, paint storage, painting equipment, lifting equipment, supplies and parts. We provide both indirectly heated booths (oil, electricity, LPG) and direct-fired booths (LPG) as well as combinations of heating systems. The spectrum ranges from standard models to custom-built booths and plants with specifications following detailed requirements.
For cleaning applications we offer dry ice cleaning systems, wet- or dry steam solutions, abrasive or non-abrasive blasting, as well as chemistry based technologies with an effective but environmentally friendly profile. In our experience, a combination of technologies is often the best way to achieve optimal results.
In any case we study your specific situation, to suggest and provide the most suitable solution to enhance productivity and profitability for your business.
Paintbox Pro Service Team is comprised of handpicked professionals, all with extensive experience in installation and service of all types of facilities within our range of solutions.
Maybe you have a spray booth that needs rebuilding or upgrading to the current requirements? Or you might have a production line that needs automatic cleaning to reduce downtime and increase profits? We can even provide systems that clean and extract contaminants without stopping production.
We are happy to study the possibilities together with you.
Companies and individuals are facing increasing challenges and opportunities. For those who like to keep life as simple as possible, Paintbox Pro provide coordination of solid expertise in a turnkey project. It gives you an unparalleled overview of responsibilities and fewer parties to deal with in connection with your project.
Please contact us anytime - we look forward to hearing from you!


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