Mold and bacteria can cause a wide range of health problems in everyday life and workspaces.

Common causes and habitats for fungus growth include floods, leaks, plumbing problems, elevated moisture, and ineffective cleaning. Allergies are on the rise, fungal infections have become commonplace and contamination has become a risk in production facilities, restaurant kitchens, product and food storage facilities.

High-pressure blasting with dry ice particles that hold -78°C, removes both existing mildew and materials that can promote mold growth.

Restoration instead of replacing contaminated surfaces and objects is very successful for industries such as housing, construction & facilities, and processing plants. It will save time and money without the need for disassembly, as well as reduction of secondary waste disposal and storage.

By using dry ice to remove molds, the following is achieved:

  • 60-80% faster workflow
  • safer, cleaner, easier and faster refurbishment
  • superior detail cleaning in narrow areas and around obstacles
  • complete removal of mold from sharp angles in stalks, beams, and corners
  • enables cleaning of electrical wiring and plumbing without damage
  • thorough removal of invisible fungus spores
  • easy cleanup, with reduced waste management
  • the surface becomes completely dry, pollution-free and structurally intact

Polygon doing mold remediation with IBL3000 + crusher


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