• Cleaning with a natural substance
    Dry ice blasting is done with dry ice pellets made of the same substance used for carbonate treatment of beverages. This method does not generate secondary waste such as blasting with sand, soda, or water. Dry ice blasting also replaces chemical and solvent-based cleaning.
  • Safe on power and electronics
    This versatile process cleans heavy build-up without damaging sensitive areas like electrical components, switches, wires, photoelectric sensors and more.
  • Thorough, deeper cleaning
    Since dry ice pellets manage to reach each nook and cranny of the equipment, it cleans deeper and more efficiently than any other method.
  • No damage to the substrate
    Dry ice blasting is completely dry, non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-corrosive. The dry ice quickly removes most contaminants without damage to switches, panels, lines, pipes, wires or belts as well as HVAC equipment, and is safe to use on all electrical and electronic devices.
  • No downtime
    The process is very fast and dry. The dry ice disappears upon contact, and blasting can be carried out on the spot without disassembly/reassembly and drying time.


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