Blasting & Cleaning Equipment

Paintbox Pro offers a wide variety of technologies and equipment related to the following categories and more:

  • dry ice blasting
  • dry ice production
  • sandblasting & other abrasive methods
  • steam cleaning (low pressure, high pressure, Ultra High Pressure)
  • enzyme- & nano-based cleaning and surface treatment
  • robots (e.g. JettyRobot™) for cleaning inside
    • water tunnels in connection with hydropower plants
    • ventilation shafts and ducts
    • public drainage and sewer pipes, etc.

Cleaning without any secondary waste

  • Dry Ice Blasting is the only alternative if you want to avoid secondary waste and reduce – or in some cases even eliminate – downtime when cleaning production equipment and other machines and facilities such as buildings and vehicles.
  • For the past 50 years, dry ice has been used in industries that require efficient but gentle cleaning without the use of water and chemicals.
  • Dry ice does not add any detergent to be collected. Thus it provides a perfect opportunity to reach and clean areas and parts, that normally would need to be cleaned by hand.
  • Gentle as it may be, Dry Ice Blasting can also be used as a heavy duty decontamination method by utilizing different nozzles in combination with high air pressure and volume.

Dry ice is an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning method that is carried out on the spot, and since there's no use of water or chemicals, the method is completely dry. That also means there is no secondary waste as the dry ice reverts to gas on impact. We serve a large number of industries, all of which benefit from the benefits of this nondestructive technology.

We are always interested in participating in testing new applications, so please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas for cooperation or testing in your company.

We help you to take care of and increase your values, for example by to contribute to:

  • Longer life of machines
  • Higher reliability
  • More efficient production
  • More on the bottom line
  • Less downtime when cleaning

Paintbox Pro is the Norwegian distributor of dry ice technology from INTELblast ™ – the leading Danish manufacturer of blast cleaning equipment. 

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