Steam with a temperature of up to 180°C will kill bacteria’s and disinfect. Even in difficult to reach areas.

  • Reduced water and chemical consumption
  • Can remove deposits that water or chemicals alone can not touch
  • An almost “dry” cleaning process
  • Approved and safe method in food and medical industries.
  • Low operational cost and easy to use
enICEco STEAM 3 TriTech Suction Filter
Working Pressure (bar) 6,5
Boiler Power (kW) 3,3
Boiler Capacity (litres) 3,6
Steam Output (gram/minute) 140
Water Tank Capacity (litres) 5
Detergent Tank Capacity (litres) 1
Boiler Temperature (°C) 170
Power Connection 230V - 50Hz - 1PH
Circuit Breaker (Amp) 14
Temperature Adjustment No
Heating Time 7
Weight (kg) 40
Dimensions (cm) 61 x 33 x 96
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