TouchRAC™ Spray Booth Process Control

TouchRAC™ is an abbreviation of Touch Remote Access Control, which is a spray booth process control system with a screen press-touch user interface on a 7” or 9″ screen size by your choice.

TouchRAC™ is PLC based for maximum stability, with integrated net server functions and a diagnostic system. If the spray booth operator requires assistance with settings and control programming, our support technicians are able to analyze and assist quickly and efficiently. Settings can be altered via internet or intranet, and thus provides the shop manager or user the possibility of controlling and monitoring the spray booth from a PC, tablet, or a smartphone.

Remote support presents a major advantage for most spray booth owners because it yields major cuts in operating costs. Mainly, this is due to reduced supplier assistance in conjunction with training and user related error handling.

With TouchRAC™ installed, the need for technical service visits are decreased by up to 90%. Hence, the TouchRAC™ pays for itself within a relatively short time after installation. It then continues to give you a formidable return on investment throughout the lifespan of the spray booth.

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